Three Steps to Plant Herbs for Balcony Garden


herbs for balcony garden

Do you love spending time with gardening? Even if you live in an apartment or a house without a yard, we can use pots to grow herbs and put them on balcony. Unlike normal methods, planting herbs in balcony is easier and not complicated, though, there are things we have to consider to grow successfully and ready to use!

How to grow herbs for balcony garden?

1. Before start, balcony garden ideas need sufficient sunlight with long duration. Use potted according to plants size, if you use a large pot, we can combine them with some herbal plants, whereas if only plant one herbs, use a small pot.

Use potting soil sold in packs than soil from the outside. Typically, potting soil in packs doesn’t contain insects or fungi which could damage the plants.

2. Herbs on balcony needs to full attention to soil moisture, especially potted plants more quickly ran out of water, so we need to give water regularly.

We also don’t need to give too much fertilizer, just give little by little regularly.

3. Not all herbal plants could survive to extreme weather changes. Some of them can only survive in certain season, grouped into two herbs, annual herbs and perennial herbs.

Some herbs for balcony garden also need full sunlight to grow well, so make sure we choose the best spot.


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herbs for balcony gardenherbs for balcony gardenherbs for balcony garden