Three Small Home Garden Tips to Plant Various Crops


small home garden tips

There are many obstacles make people don’t want to have a beautiful garden in their yard and one of them is land area. Small yard make most people aren’t interested with gardening and planting various kinds of plants. Well, they should know about how to use the yard.

Here is a small home garden tips you should know:

1. Have a small yard doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do, you can use to create a vertical garden room. In addition to flowers and plants, you can plant different types of vegetables.

First of all, you need hanging planters and it’s available in various models.

2. You must prepare small home garden plans, especially water and food. Maintaining plant in hanging planters or containers need extra care. Make sure plants get the nutrients and enough water. You can use compost and make sure the hanging planters have drain holes.

3. Choosing the right plants based on the conditions around the park. If you want to grow vegetables such as peppers or tomatoes, make sure the garden get enough sunlight about 6 hours. You can also grow herbs and it’s easier. Don’t forget to always keep an eye on the garden, especially knowing about the sunlight.

That’s 3 steps on how to start a small home garden. Actually, there are many small home garden tips, especially on how to pick herbs and plant it in your garden, but we’ll discuss in a later article.


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