Three Small Garden Ponds with Natural Look


small garden ponds

Besides adorned the garden with various kinds of plants, we can also beautify it by create a pond. This is one of water features makes the garden look more attractive! Although yard size isn’t too large, there are some tricks to get small garden ponds. We can also decorate it according to our interests. What are they?

1. Waterfall pond seems become an attractive option. We can listen to soothing sound from running water. In order to make it look attractive, we can give some goldfish in it.

Although it sounds like fun, the maintenance must be taken regularly. We can start by installing filters to maintain the water stay clean. In order to conserve water, we could put a water pump. It also serves to keep water flowing and create a waterfall effect.

2. For those who like to raise the fish, make small Koi pond is the right choice and no need to spend a lot of money. In addition to putting Koi in it, we can also decorate it with water plants and need wetland filtration systems. Determine the design to suit your taste and yard size.

3. If you want to make a small garden look more natural, try to create a natural pond with PVC lining. In order to look completely natural, decorate around it with aquatic plants such as water-lily or iris.

If you think small home garden design, don’t forget water features such as pond water. Although the yard isn’t too large, we can make small garden ponds accordance with tastes and certainly won’t spend much money.


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