Three Small Balcony Garden Ideas with Different Plants


small balcony garden ideas

Balcony become alternative choice for those who want to start gardening because limited land, but what if it is small and not able to accommodate different plants you want? There are several ways to maximize small balcony so we could get a dream garden.

Before doing so, we have to consider the plants type and climate. In addition, we must consider whether there are certain conditions or restrictions regarding change balcony functions as a garden. If there is no any restriction, we can try small balcony garden ideas below:

1. Small balcony is perfect to use container gardening concept because practical, easily to move and can be taken anywhere. For the container, we can get it from nursery store and it is available in various forms, colors, materials and sizes.

Some containers have unique and beautiful design, and some of them won’t take up too many spaces because available in hanging and vertical models.

2. Planting using container allows us to put a variety of plants in balcony and vertical container may be the best option to add to garden beauty. We can grow vines like grapes, sweet pea and ornamental sweet potato.

3. In addition to flowers and plants, we can also grow edible plants on balcony and we could have done even with a small space. Go to the store and buy some dwarf plants seed such as tomatoes, peppers or oranges. Put herbs is one of small balcony garden ideas that easy for us to do it!


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small balcony garden ideassmall balcony garden ideassmall balcony garden ideas