3 Plant Options For A Patio Pergola


simple hosta pergola ideas for patio

Do you have a patio pergola? There are several pergola ideas for patio that you can apply.


There are so many landscaping plants used with pergolas, one of them is vines. Some types of vine can be grown around and on pergolas. Vines can make shade after grown across the roof of the pergola. Some types of vine can add depth to any pergola landscape.

How to grow the vines? You may start grow the plant from containers at the base of the pergola’s support posts. The plant will grow up the posts and searching for the sun. Put wire around the young vines to help the plant climb up the posts.

Shade-tolerant plants

A popular and simple landscaping option. Shade-tolerant plants can grow and thrive in a low-sun environment. The most popular choice is hosta plant, hardy and quick growing. Hosta plant is so popular for nice looking foliage that will spread around the yard.

Shrub & tree

They are popular choice because can provide privacy and security, a perfect pergola for dining or outdoor kitchen. Some options such as hydrangea bushes and and dwarf species of spruce trees can add layers and depth. For a nice looking patio pergola, choose ficus trees and Japanese maple trees.


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