3 Patio Garden Ideas for Apartment with Simple Design


apartment patio garden ideas

Those who live in apartments often difficult to make a garden because there is a rule against make a garden permanently. Well, you don’t need to change apartment condition and make a garden become more privacy. There are many ways you can do, such as apply apartment patio garden ideas!

1. Maybe you want to create a patio garden that doesn’t want seen by others, you want to enjoy by yourself. Make a temporary fencing from wood fence panels or bamboo.

Bamboo fences have many advantages and that’s why become the main option. It’s not too heavy and easy to carry anywhere, so when you move to another apartment, you can bring bamboo fences and disassemble it first.

2. Creating a rock garden on patio is very easy! Prepare 4-by-4 foot lumber to make a wooden frame. No need to attach to a wall or patio, prepare a nail or bolt to unify each piece of wood.

After making wood frames, give decorative rock or pea gravel into it with a thickness about 2 inches. Put concrete paves to give perfect impression and an area to walk on wood frame.

3. Don’t forget to put different plants on an apartment patio. Don’t need large plants, medium or small plants preferred, mainly can grow using container!

Apartment patio garden ideas are the best choice to enjoy flowers beauty as well as beautify apartment appearance.


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apartment patio garden ideasapartment patio garden ideasapartment patio garden ideas