Three Indoor Plants Ideas for Beginners


indoor plants ideas

It looks like an indoor garden provides many advantages. Besides as gardening hobbies, it can also add beauty to house atmosphere because gives a touch of nature. The positive effect also gives a pretty good which could bring warmth to the room and help clear the air. There are plenty of indoor gardening plants but must chosen carefully because some of them need extra care. Let’s find out about indoor plants ideas suitable for you!

1. Some people like to put a larger plant in the house by using a pot. It regarded as ornamental plant such as Ponytail palm and Parlor palm, those two larger plants can grow until 3 feet tall. Actually, those two plants are suitable for those who don’t want to do strictly maintenance and its growth very slowly. You can put it anywhere because no need a lot of natural light.

2. For beginner who has no experience doing indoor gardening, they could try to plant bamboo, cactus, spider and Aloe Vera. It is an easy plant to grow and no need intensive care. Although bonsai considered as unique and beautiful plant, the maintenance isn’t easy especially for a beginner.

3. Plants can produce a beautiful flower is everyone’s dream and you can do it with indoor garden activities. Some plants are quite popular such as Amaryllis and begonia. Both of these plants no need extra tight treatment! Don’t include African Violets as one of indoor plants ideas for beginners because requires a hard struggle treatment to bloom its beauty!


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indoor plants ideasindoor plants ideasindoor plants ideas