Three Important Things Before Create Indoor Garden Design


indoor garden design

Have a beautiful garden not only on front yard or backyard. Do you dare try to carry out indoor garden design? It’s not too difficult to make indoor garden, by create proper planning, you can add to the beauty to home interior.

There are several things need to note: lighting, ventilation, humidity and room temperature.

1, Ensure the garden is in strategic place where air can in and out easily through ventilation. Lighting should observe closely, plant selection and location also determines the lighting required, especially if location not covered by natural light.

For those who wish to have indoor garden can produce flowers, vegetables and fruits, they can install high pressure sodium light. But this light is expensive and can make electricity bills raise up. If just want to put some ornamental plants, maybe LED light is a wise choice.

2. Use of watts on bulbs should also consider carefully. In order not to make plants exposed direct heat from lights, try to put a fan.

3. In order successfully carry out indoor garden, check air temperature condition at the place to build garden. Buy a quality thermometer and place it in location for several days. Perform routine checks, if temperature is stable or not. If air temperature isn’t stable, it is a bad location for gardening.

That’s 3 things need to consider if you want to carry out an indoor garden design. In order to grow healthy plants, you could use Hydroponics or Aeroponics.


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