3 Ideas to Start Small Herb Garden on your Courtyard


small herb garden ideas

If you don’t have an extensive courtyard, it doesn’t mean you can’t make herb garden. Take advantage of the remaining space to build a small herb garden. How to do it?

There are many ways to make a small garden with full of herb plants. Therefore, you have to learn everything about herb garden and how to start. If you get lost, read small herb garden ideas below:

1. Herbs divide into two types, perennial or annual. All types have advantages and disadvantages, when you want to make a herb garden, specify its primary purpose. If you want to use herbs as a food ingredient, choose thyme, oregano or basil.

You can use herbs for medical purposes and aromatherapy, choose lavender and mint. There are many types available, based on the purpose you want to use.

2. There are two options to grow herbs, whether use container or conventional way. Conventional way you can do is planting them directly in the ground. Using container is a smart choice because movable and saving space. Use large containers to grow a variety of herbs or small container for one kind only.

3. Pay attention to treatment is one of small herb garden ideas. Perform regular watering will help the viability of the plant to remain thrive. Since you are building a small garden, you just need small amount of rich soil, but make sure the soil remains moist.


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