Three Ideas of Small Garden Irrigation without Hassle


small garden irrigation

Existing plants around garden and yard should get regular water so able to survive. Irrigation is an important part in gardening activities! Provide irrigation to a small yard isn’t too difficult, by applying a small home garden design, everything becomes easier. Let’s first learned about small garden irrigation!

1. If you don’t want bother watering the plants, try to installing underground irrigation system. It’s not too difficult and didn’t take long time to set it up. You need to make a small trench by using hoe or shovel and put feed lines in it.

The next step is connecting emitters to a faucet or water hose. It is easy to removable when winter comes and you can save it so won’t get any damage.

2. Sprinklers are effective to help you deliver water to plants. The installation is also very easy to do, even for a beginner. It also can give extra value to enhance your small garden because there are many forms and models available.

3. Soaker hose is suitable as small garden irrigation. It didn’t take long time to set it up because you simply connect it to tap in the garden. Some experts say, it is more effective than sprinklers. It can put in a small garden for whole season to keep the plants grow fast and fruit ready for harvest.

That’s three alternatives for water irrigation can install to a small yard. Choose the one you like the most!


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