3 Ideas to Create Herb Garden with Great Benefit


herb garden ideas

Herb garden gives benefit and you will be proud to have it. There are two categories of herb plants, annuals and perennials, you are free to choose and decide. There are many ways to start herb garden, you can use a container or the conventional. Let us find out more about the best herb garden ideas!

1. Italian herbs have a fascination to tempt planters who have a hobby of cooking. Write down Basil into the list, so does with other herbs often used by housewives and chefs such as fennel, rosemary and oregano.

If you want to grow herbs herbal permanently or use a container, choose fennel, basil and oregano. Rosemary can grow into a shrub, but you can put it in a container for easy maintain.

2. Usually, planters create herb garden and fill it with plants for medicinal purposes. Herbs have a high nutritious to maintain health as resolve inflammation, increase energy, and strengthen up body immune.

There are many herbs available out there, for beginners, they may try to plant ginger, calendula and Echinacea. These plants can use the concept of a perennial bed.

3. Some gardeners intentionally make herb garden to produce highly fragrant plants such as mint, chamomile and lavender. These plants bring a refreshing fragrance and you can enjoy it as fresh or dried plants. This is one of the best herb garden ideas with great benefit!


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herb garden ideasherb garden ideasherb garden ideasherb garden ideasherb garden ideas