Three Gardening Tips for Cucumbers Plant at Your Home


gardening tips for cucumbers

In the previous article, we already discussed about gardening tips for tomatoes. Besides tomatoes, there are many vegetables can be planted in our yard and one of them is cucumber. Enjoy cucumbers will taste better if we harvest it from our own yard and no longer need go to grocery store to buy it. Nevertheless, there are some tricks must be learned if you want to plant cucumbers. Let’s read about gardening tips for cucumbers:

1. Prepare all necessary tools and seeds! There are two options, whether you want to grow indoors or outdoors. Make sure the soil temperature to plant cucumber isn’t more than 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Leave a space for each plant! It’s good to start planting seeds by indoor and when begin to grow then you can move it out to garden. But make sure the frost danger is over and not coming back. When you want to plant it in the garden, make sure the distance should be about 4 to 6 inches.

3. Don’t forget to give nutrients to soil so the cucumber plant can flourish. Give fertilizer containing high nitrogen and after the flower is bloom, give a fertilizer with balanced composition and give it regularly.

Cucumber plants can also grow in moist soil conditions and give water by regular basis for faster growth. Once you try gardening tips for cucumbers and proved successful, then the next step is waiting for harvest time.


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gardening tips for cucumbersgardening tips for cucumbersgardening tips for cucumbers