Three Gardening Ideas for Balcony and Make it Look Awesome


gardening ideas for balcony

For those who live in an apartment, you can have a beautiful garden. Change the balcony and put kinds of plants or flowers. But it isn’t easy to do without a preparation. That’s why you should start to study about gardening ideas for balcony.

1. Although the balcony garnished with a variety of container plants, there is one important element should be available, it’s seating area. That’s could make you feel cozy when relaxing and spending time at balcony.

Provide some chairs and a table then it could be an interesting place to spend time with friends and family while enjoying beautiful garden scenery around balcony.

Before you make a seating area, you have to do measurements so will create a suitable atmosphere. Choose waterproof chair and desk so won’t easily damage and you don’t need to bring it inside when the rain is pouring down.

2. Choosing plants or flowers should be done with caution and calculation. There are several factors need to consider, start from balcony size, light and location. It is better not to put large plants and need lots of sunlight.

Flowers with different colors are the perfect choice because can give beauty, comfort and tranquility. That’s one of therapies to release stress and fatigue.

3. You have to think about lighting as important part of gardening ideas for balcony. In order to enjoy flowers beauty at night, try to install small floor track lighting or mosaic lamps.


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gardening ideas for balconygardening ideas for balconygardening ideas for balcony