Three Balcony Garden Ideas to Get Beauty Impression


balcony garden ideas

People who live in apartment often complain can’t start gardening because limited land. Well, it isn’t a hindrance because we can use balcony to create a beautiful and peaceful garden. But all isn’t easy to realize because requires imagination and creativity.

Don’t worry about balcony size, we are able to do something and have a pretty garden. Try applying balcony garden ideas below:

1. In order to enjoy balcony garden, don’t forget to give a seating area. The seat size should be adjusted based on balcony size and of course the atmosphere you want. For smallest balcony, you could put a couple of sturdy wicker chairs and not easily damaged. So, choose a seat made from weatherproof material.

2. Before you start gardening, we must pay attention to size, location and lighting on balcony. So plants which require full sunlight isn’t recommended if balcony not able to get enough sunlight. If you have short balcony ceilings, choose small or medium plants. Color plants are also able to create desired atmosphere.

3. Enjoy plants beauty on balcony at night is one way to release stress. We need to install lighting system but depends on balcony size and surrounding environment. Floor-track lighting is one of gardening ideas for balcony to show off garden beauty at night.

Lighting system selection must also consider the neighbor next door, don’t let them interfered by lighting system that you installed.

Try to apply those three balcony garden ideas above! There is no excuse for not having a beautiful garden despite having to live in an apartment.


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balcony garden ideasbalcony garden ideasbalcony garden ideas