Two Easy Methods to Start Indoor Hydroponic Gardening


indoor hydroponic gardening

In previous articles, we’ve discussed about hydroponic gardening tomatoes. Hydroponic is a good option for those who want to start gardening but don’t have yard. We can put it inside the house and it doesn’t require soil to start gardening. Is that possible?

Soil replaced with other elements that can help the roots growth. Although, this is a gardening technique suitable for those who don’t have yard but tools to start it sold at an expensive price. However, we can make it with affordable price. Let’s start indoor hydroponic gardening at a bargain price!

1. If you have limited funds, try the hand-watering method for starters. Go to nursery store and buy some black grow bags. Pick the one with small drain holes at the bottom.

In lieu of the soil, we could try combination of coconut coir, vermiculite and perlite. Ensure the composition! Put the plant into a container and don’t forget to water it regularly.

2. Other simple method easy to apply is wick method but requires storage tote to put plants and in order to accommodate nutrient solution, use a fish tank.

Although classed as a simple method, we still need hoses and pump system, so nutrient solution can be moved to storage tote. Are you confused?

Let’s clear it, tote positioned above nutrient reservoir. We also have to make drain holes in the tote so nutrients which not absorbed by the roots could fall back into reservoir. This is an indoor hydroponic gardening exciting to try.


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indoor hydroponic gardeningindoor hydroponic gardeningindoor hydroponic gardening